* Except for Payday Loans, all other loans have terms 13 months or longer.  Customer can payoff early with no penalties.
Ohio Lic. No.: SM.501641.000;  

  • Financing $2000.00 to
  • Refinancing up to
  • Ohio customers

  • Unsecured Installment
       Loans $900.00 to
  • 13 months or longer
       to pay it.
       or at a branch.

  • Secured Installment
       Loans $900.00 to            
  • 13 months or longer
       to pay it.
       or at a branch.
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  • Get 1 to 2 months to
       pay your first payday
loan - ask manager for
  • Loans $50.00 to
  • This is not an
       installment loan
  • This is the more
       expensive of our
options and
       therefore not         
       the option we
  • Must live or work near
       one of our branches
  • Must apply at the
Installment Loans To Fit Your Budget
Fixed Interest Rates & Payments
We Are A Direct Lender
We Won't Refer You To Other Lenders
America's Loan Company
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Loan Terms 13 Months Or Longer*
May Improve Your Credit Score**
** We currently report to one of the 3 major credit bureaus, TransUnion.  However, many factors affect your credit score.  Therefore, we can't
promise that your credit score will improve.  Payday loans are not reported.
*** Rules apply.  Ask manager for details.